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63 working space

63 Bangkok Boutique Hostel , Ekamai , Sukhumvit

Get More Done in The Space That’s Right for You

63 Bangkok Boutique Hostel offers co-working space for independent entrepreneurs, developers, and creative’s with the perfect environment, perks and affordable they need to thrive and grow. A great location for both collaborating on new business ventures or growing an existing business. Conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road towards the beginning of Soi 63 while BTS Ekamai Sky Train station is directly linked outside our lobby.


63 Bangkok coworking space takes the best elements of a coffee shop (social, energetic, creative) and the best elements of a workspace (professional, productive, functional) and marries them to give residents the chance to have their own affordable space that harnesses a creative work environment. You may be the sole employee of your company, but with coworking, you can still enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by people who are doing similar work. Our coworking spaces are developing for just about every niche. We are here to support you where you need most, at the start.

63 Co Working Space ( PRICE LIST ) 

DAY 220.-

WEEK 1,190.- 
(170 / Day)

MONTH  4,600.- 
(153 / Day)

(133 / Day)

· 1 Day Desk Time
·  Free High-speed Internet
·  Free 10 Sheets printing
   Size A4 (Black & White)
·  Free coffee/tea & snack

· 7 Days Desk Time

·  Free High-speed Internet

·  Free 50 Sheets printing 

   Size A4 (Black & White)

·  Free 1 Hour Private 

   Meeting room with

   Smart TV-LEDScreen.

·  Free coffee/tea & snack

·  30 Days Desk Time

·   Free High-speed Internet

·   Free 100 Sheets printing 

   Size A4 (Black & White)

·  Free 4 Hour Private 

   Meeting room with

   Smart TV-LEDScreen.

·  Free coffee/tea & snack

·  90 Days Desk Time
·   Free High-speed Internet
·   Free 100 Sheets printing 
   Size A4 (Black & White)
·  Free 4 Hour Private 
   Meeting room with
   Smart TV-LEDScreen.
·  Free coffee/tea & snack



FLEXI  (7 Days)
1,400.- (200 / Day)

FLEXI  (14 Days)
2,660.- (190/ Day)

FLEXI  (21 Days)
3780.- (180 / Day)

·    7 Days Desk Time
    Desk time 
within 30 days.
·     Free High-speed Internet
·     Free coffee/tea & snack

·    14 Days Desk Time
    Desk time 
within 45 days.
·     Free High-speed Internet
·     Free coffee/tea & snack

·    21 Days Desk Time
    Desk time 
within 60 days.
·     Free High-speed Internet
·     Free coffee/tea & snack


Meeting Room

Per Hour

Half Day
(8.00-12.00 hrs = 4 Hours)

Full Day
(8.00-17.00 hrs = 9 Hours)

Size 6-10 Persons

450.- THB / Hour



• Chidlom Room      

• Ploenchit Room

• NaNa Room

• Asoke Room

Size 10-15 Persons

550.- THB / Hour



• Prompong  Room

• Thonglor Room



   ·    Meeting room

   ·    Free WIFI

   ·    Drinking Water

   ·    Coffee/Tea Station + 

        Snack (Self-service)


   ·      Meeting room

   ·      Free WIFI

   ·      Drinking Water

   ·      Coffee/Tea Station + 

          Snack (Self-service)


     ·      Meeting room

     ·       Free WIFI

     ·       Drinking Water

     ·       Coffee/Tea Station +

             Snack (Self-service)

With an open floor plan, modern, fully equipped, technology savvy space and many other goodies, we hope to provide our members/hotel guests with an ideal creative space to enjoy working in a stylish, collaborative environment to promote productivity.
High Design Meets High Performance
Note : Price are show in Thai Baht

Meet interesting people! Explore Dream! “Creative hub for creative individuals”

We serve a diverse set of entrepreneurs who are in various stages of growing their business. Our members include tech startups, web designers, developers/programmers, creative professionals, digital marketing agencies, new media/social media consultants, non-profits, lawyers, and small business owners.

Aside from access to modern office amenities, our members benefit from numerous opportunities to network, collaborate, trade business leads/referrals, forge partnerships, make friends, form new ventures, share best practices and grow their businesses.

  • People learn from each other
  • People give references to each other
  • People encourage each other
  • People run ideas by each other
  • People link together

Perfect Places for :
There are many reasons to work in a shared environment. Here is what separates 63 Bangkok coworking space from other venues:

Before you strike out on your own and get locked into a lease, grab your laptop and your phone and get yourself into our coworking space which is more affordable, full of start-up geeks like you, and probably cooler than any office your start-up could afford. We're confident that once you've seen us, you'll know your business has found a new home!

63 Bangkok Coworking Space provides the physical infrastructure so creative entrepreneurs and new startups will not have to worry about the high cost associated in having an office.

With the amenities of modern office, and the freedom and flexibility of working independently with comfortable & professional work environment. You have all you need for.

  • Fast internet access, connectivity and power at every seat in an energized common working area
  • Private places to work and meet available
  • Phone booth privacy
  • Videoconferencing Capabilities

Our philosophy is simply. We want to CONNECT. CREATE. CHANGE the way entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses can succeed by making them more connected with each other and allow them to focus on what they do best.

Working alone sucks! “You work for yourself, not by yourself”. Accelerate your serendipities and experience the magic of coworking in the best coworking spots in Bangkok. You will be around other creative individuals who are leading industry experts. 

Society has undergone cultural change, we've moved on from the industrial era to that of the experience economy. It's not just about working and earning a living, it's about being able to enjoy the work and be among other like minded individuals so that collectively we can all grow. The collaborative spirit is extremely important in today's marketplace.


Want to get the team together after hours to plan for tomorrow’s big event? Need to burn the midnight oil but don’t want to be alone? Don’t let the clock rule your life! Flexibility. Night owl or early bird, you can set your work schedule around your most productive times. Setting when, where, and how you’ll work is one of the most prized goals of independent working.


Occupying one of the Bangkok's most accessible spot, 63 Bangkok Boutique Hotel has direct access to Sukhumvit Road while BTS Ekamai Sky Train station is directly linked outside our lobby and from where it also enjoys easy access to all the important expressways. Our central location in the main business, shopping and entertainment areas gives convenient access to the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center (BITEC) , Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and Paragon Hall.

Minimal commute. You get to save time and energy.

  • Go:  going anywhere…no matter …what is for…. the sky train can connect you .It’s fast and convenient. 
  • Go: to airport is not a big deal just only 24 Kms ride. Our receptionist at the hotel will assist for your reservation.
  • Get around conveniently from our great location

We know how  it’s important to drink good coffee at work... It increases productivity it makes one happier and reduces work place stress. All positive attributes for the work place. Take a break and step to our Bangkok café and enjoy. If you enjoy the coffeehouse vibe, but hate the coffeehouse distractions, just click  or call to order  and get it served. 

YOU NEED SOME BREAK ! A coffee break is a routine social gathering for a snack and short downtime. That’s why we have a large open space to relax and have a great cup of coffee. We want you and your friends to meet and have a great time, too.

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